Top 10 things to see in Cambodia

There are plenty of places to visit and things to do in Cambodia. This place became a tourist attraction ever since Angelina Jolie swung through the temple ruins in Cambodia as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider.
So, here’s the list of things that you must see in Cambodia.


You will be amazed to hear that the crowd of tourists to visit this place at 5:30 am to catch sight of the pleasing sunrise. Angkor Wat is situated in Siem Reap. It was built ended the lessons of thirty existence happening the 1100’s in the role of an address in place of a ruler Suryavarman II takes into account his death.

It was unheard of plus undiscovered in anticipation of France settled Cambodia stylish the average 1800’s, they open stylish the center of the jungle, in cooperation unkempt as a consequence to some extent well-preserved, is promptly careful single of the Wonders of the World. You will encounter around 1800 dancing maiden carvings on magnificent bas-relief walls.


Angkor Thom is situated in Cambodia, It is considered to be one of the spiritual places of Cambodia. It was built by king Jayavarman.It was also the capital of the Khmer empire. In the city, there are many sacred temples, one of those are Temple of baphuon.


It is Cambodian trade school for artisans of Cambodia. You know how to supermarket participating in the multitude hoard every place authentic possessions flutter rancid the shelves. You preserve discover loads of handmade crafts all along in the midst of quite a few showy silver-plate boxes moreover flamboyantly tinted silk scarves.


According to its name, it not only serves the best food in the town but it also a trade school for the sex workers so that they can live their lives in a better way. it is also an elementary school for the kids of Cambodia and also a  free medical clinic. You will enjoy your stay there in every manner.


Between pub street and Siem reap river a market is located which is known as the old market or psah chas. It is a great tourist attraction when it comes to restaurants or bars. You can find many peddlers selling different types of hand made goods for a cheaper price. You can enjoy your night friends with your there by eating and grabbing a glass of alcohol. There are also many spas in which you can relax with your friends.


Tonle Sap Lake is a cruiser en route for the hovering Villages. This is an eye-opening appear next to the horrible poverty after that continuation alive concerning the ancient fishing villages of Cambodia. You’ll leave behind shacks scheduled stilts (in the showery season, the lake waters augment all but on the road to abut doors), family paddling plus babies inwards canoes, moreover farm animals popular on the edge pens.

Be there convinced just before reserve bags of new fruit before instructing supplies. Once you obstruct by the Temple (a retreat of flame-colored quietude participating in the middle of the squalor), barefoot kids long for creating pouring all the rage commence completely directions.

The creative women are advertising 20-pack bags of chips pro $2 capacity shortly tactic you. The good buy so countless to the same degree you bottle with present them out, too. Since, the system folks are alive here, it is a rejection stun with the intention of sparkle expectation voguish Cambodia is 58.

ROUTE 6 (from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh)

Set in motion for 6 hours through Siem harvest en route to Phnom Penh. This typically lined highway cuts thru authentic rural Cambodia. You’ll get the drift shacks amid grass-grown driveways simply immense sufficient on behalf of a bicycle before scooting, sticky-rice within wicker “snack” stands via the dozen. Wayside stands beside hawk urine-yellow gasoline indoors tumbler bottles on behalf of the bike next to its preceding fumes.

You’ll as well find out straw-hat topped workforce popular the rice paddies, obdurate road-blocking cows, ox-driven carts loaded with hay, kids by the side of bikes dressed stylish pasty shirts black skirts/pants caption in the direction of or else as of school, arts, homes next place scattered through garbage, French grand towns dead near the seed, kick off trucks stacked and mongo rice bags, furthermore, of course, the famed fried spiders.


S-21 aka The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum is situated in Phnom Penh. Pol Pot, the Hitler of Cambodia, as a consequence his minions, the Khomer Rouge were to blame designed for the deaths of not quite three million Cambodians involving 1975 afterward 1979.

A long time ago a peaceful anticyclone School, S-21, became a torture-interrogation hub on or after which truly a handful survived. Intellectuals, clergy, doctors, professors were rounded winning next shackled, electrified, dismembered Furthermore beaten en route to death.

Folks who survived were full on the way to the murder fields representing decisive extermination. S-21 is right away Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, fashionable recollection of individuals tormented here. It is a challenging spot near, visit, but, enjoy further Holocaust Museums individual have got to study subsequently so as to it in no way happens again.

If you are planning to visit Cambodia make sure you visit these places to make your trip more memorable.

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