Best places to visit in Cambodia

As we have an immune system in our body to provide immunity, Cambodia also has a few travelers who are the immune to Cambodia’s beguiling charm. Tourists who are bored of beaches and natural sights of Thailand can rejuvenate their energy by visiting some of the most beautiful architectural monuments of Cambodia. Cambodia not only has the historical monument, but also has many beach e to chill out. All kinds of tourists and travelers, whether they are backpackers or luxury tourists continue to flock the legendary places of Cambodia.


Angkor Wat - Places to Visit Cambodia

This Siem Reap’s legendary temple complex needs a little introduction. This attraction is a single impulsion for tourists and travelers to visit Cambodia. This is the world’s largest religious monument which was originally a Hindu temple dedicated to lord Vishnu, before it was converted to a Buddhist temple in the 14th century. No one can just forget to check out temples thousands of years Apsaras carvings or nymphs which are unique in themselves. Don’t just get lost in the beauty of this impressive and well preserved temple, be sure to check out other small temples as well.


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Interested in archeology, well this is a place you just can’t forget to visit if you land in Cambodia. It’s an interesting archaeological site which dates back to areas brief stint as a kahlhamer capital from 928-944 AD. Neglected and abandoned for centuries, the wildlife which was impinged on this ancient monument adds a smell of mystery to this site. This place was inaccessible for over many years, but now it can be reached in a day trip from Siem Reap via a new toll road which is great for many tourists. The area has a diversity of structures, with more than 40 structures, but the best one highlighted is the PRASAT THOM. It’s a seven-tier sandstone pyramid, standing 98 feet tall with a mythical half man half bird guarding the top. More likely to say it’s more similar to Mayan ruins than typical Khmer architecture.


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Who doesn’t want to live in a paradise! Well every one of us. The Koh Tonsay is simple, untouched secluded. It’s just a twenty minute mind refreshing boat ride away from kelp. As we step a foot on this island, we just feel completely removed from our civilization. Dotted with a few rustic bungalows and open air restaurants, makes the place simply perfect to just lose a few days lounging in hammocks, swimming, and strolling along the tree lined beach. This island is shaped strangely. Locals say that it’s shaped like a rabbit that’s why it got the name KOH TONSAY. If you are a good walker, then it’s possible for you to walk all the way around the Rabbit shaped island in just a single day. Life is a heaven out there, with no TV connections, no AC’S, KOH TONSAY is Southeast Asia’s few remaining island paradises.


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Hikers and Trekkers, we have got the perfect place for you. The Mondulkiri is a wild, sparsely populated area of Cambodia. The mountains standing like defeated soldiers, jungles spreading vast stretch, waterfalls and deep valleys accompany it. The region is home to one of the country’s most rare and endangered wildlife including leopards, water buffalo and elephants. This place is also perfect for them to visit who love wildlife. The population is less and half of it belongs to the Bunong minority group, who has to hunt for their food. We can get to know about their lifestyle and tradition by visiting their traditional villages and houses and interacting with the elephants within their natural habitat. The chilling climate, beautiful scenery and exploring wildlife viewing opportunities makes it a place perfect for hiking and trekking.


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You can’t judge anyone or anything by its appearance. If we take the word Phnom Penh, beautiful may not be the first word which will come to your mind. This place has several beautiful and lovely colonial buildings and picturesque riverside promenades. The Phnom Penh’s beauty shines even brightly when you recognize how hardly city has emerged from the ward damage to come to be known once again as the ‘Pearl of Asia’. The visitors can slowly indulge themselves in the crowded markets and contemporary bars and restaurant.

If you are planning to visit Cambodia is sure to check these awesome places to make your trip memorable and full of adventure.