Best time to visit Cambodia


If you are fan of heat, warm summers, you’re going to love Cambodia!

Cambodia is a country with a tropical climate. Cambodia has a usual range of temperature from 21’C to 35’C, reason behind this temperature range is the location of this country as it is located just above the equator, it makes the country a warm country. Two words which can describe Cambodia’s climate in the best way are hot and steamy. If you are planning to visit Cambodia then one thing which you don’t have to worry about is carrying sweaters. You can wander on the street in the night wearing T-shirt without any hesitation, as there is no harsh winter in Cambodia in Fact, to be exact there is no winter at all.

Cambodia Climate - Best time to visit Cambodia


Cambodia has three main seasons, namely: hot season, winter season, rainy season. But according to weather conditions Cambodia has only two distinct seasons, dry and rainy, even this category is divided into two distinct periods: cool and hot. All over the Cambodia always has been warm.


Among this range of months, April is the hottest month of the year. In April the temperature starts to rise to 40’C. The presence of humidity in this season makes it feel hotter than the weather report given by Google therefore, this season is also called dry season. During the month of May the heat of Cambodia can be described as oppressive. There’s a serious dearth of shade, there is no moment of air, and the streets are covered in dust. Some part of the country has hazy skies due to the slash and burn farming. If you’re planning to visit Cambodia then you must avoid this season. During this season the rainfall is seen very rarely, even if it pours heavily it last only for one hour.


This season contains both the periods, hot as well as cool. One important thing to be considered is that it can rain for 20 days out of 30 days of the month, but the showers are generally short and predictable. According to the records the rainfall, usually takes place in the afternoon.


Carrying umbrella during the rainy season in Cambodia is useless, as the rain is always accompanied by strong winds. If you are still concerned about the rain, then the best way to protect yourself is usage of colorful plastic ponchos. These ponchos are available in almost every part of the country. If you are also concerned that your shoes will get dirty in this season then you can also buy plastic flip flop, which is available all over the country.


The main advantage of the rainy season is that it brings relief to the locals and tourist by rainy every afternoon and thus, reducing the temperature day by day.


The temperature falls during the rainy season and the weather starts to cool from the month of November. The weather becomes pleasant in the month of December and January. If you will visit Cambodia in these months then you will realize that Cambodia is a tropical paradise. The weather on the beaches of Sihanoukville and the islands is perfect during this month of the year. In Phnom Penh the temperature ranges from 21’C to 32’C. You will see Khmers wearing parkas and complaining about how cold it is when the temperature hits the lower mark of the range.

Coolest month of the year is January. February also comes in the list of pleasant months of the year, but the temperature starts to rise by the end of the February.

As it is the best time of the year the crowd to tourist increases and reaches to peak in this season.


Cambodia is a great place for tourist where they can co-relate history with beach fun and with the French colonies, but which season should you go so that you can enjoy the trip at its best?. Actually the answer to this question varies from person to person.

  • If you love cool weather and you are not sensitive to crowd then, you should visit Cambodia in the month of January as in this month the temperature remains low making it most pleasant month of the year.
  • If you don’t have any problem with little rain and water some rural places, but you are sensitive to crowd then, you must visit Cambodia in the rainy season as the place is not crowded during the rainy season.