Travel information to visit Cambodia

There are so many attracting places in the Asia but Cambodia has its own reputation in all the aspects of traveling. There are so many things as it is counting in one of the most ancient modern society place in the Middle East.

In the Cambodia, there are a lot of tourism place as they known as the magnificent civilization in the entire Asian region. The place is full of amazing things such as oldest temples and high hills etc.

Let’s take a visit to Cambodia

The warm welcome

Although Cambodian people are extremely rural as comparison to neighboring countries like Vietnam and Thailand but they are really warm welcoming people. They know very well that how to make your tour better which is really an essential thing.  The wooden houses with the sugar palm and rice paddies are really makes the eyes in peace. These things are enough to make everything natural in this 21st century. The best class hospitality in Cambodia is the best thing for visitors.


The climate of Cambodia is really matters if you are planning to make a tour there. The best time to visit the Cambodia is the time between the Novembers to February as it is the time of cold. The main thing about the climate which should be in your mind is that, the Cambodia is a hot region in the most of the month of years. The time of winter is the most essential time for travel in Cambodia. The time between the Jun to October is not the good time for travel as this is the time of raining.


The one of the best thing about the Cambodia is that, it is counting in one of the cheapest countries to visit in the entire Asia. The cost can be measure easily with this example: you can find the good room in just 7$ for a night. The 1$ is for chilled beer and not more than 2$ for good food is enough in this amazing place for visit.


The Cambodia is quite economical in transportations as you can have 60-100$ cab for a day with a well familiar driver about all the famous places and temples in Cambodia. The transportations can be cheaper than this if the traveler is using the commercial transportation rather than private as tuk-tuk could be hired for 15$-20$ per day.

Safety and security

The Cambodian people are very addicted to keep the gun at all the time. Mostly cases of robbery with the local guys and even with the tourists are found on gun points. So, it is strictly suggestion that, always keep you at the safe place and in main areas. The luggage at the time of travelling in local busses or any vehicle should keep between the legs as there is none of any other option.


At this time, almost all the hotels are providing Wi-Fi in very cheap price. The connectivity can be found out easily but the slow connectivity could create the problem sometimes.


In the Cambodia mostly you will find the rice and fried pork as well as fried chicken sometimes in the breakfast. The one of the basic thing is that, there are many restaurants which are famous to serve the good frog and pork legs fried with ginger. So, always keep this in your mind if you are not like that to eat. Although, there are some facilities for western breakfast as Cambodia is tourism friendly region.

So, these are few things which should be in your mind if you are going to Cambodia.