Cambodia visit is not just a visit

The best sunrises in the entire world can be seen in the Cambodia. The ancient temples which were established before hundreds of years ago with the stones are truly amazing to visit. When the sun rays reflect from these beautiful stones of the temples, the environment becomes cherish and full of peace towards the soul. The Cambodia is the land of temples, mountains and river, etc. The nature makes a true relationship with the humans.

Let’s take a visit to Cambodia in the eyes of experts.

Cool time is good time

The one of the best season to visit the Cambodia is the time between the Novembers to February as the cool season keeps you healthy in Middle East especially in south Asia. The time from April to June is also great because the visit to Cambodia is never bad. The one of the best thing is that, the time of winter made everything easier to visit as the best environment at that time.

Phnom Penh to Bangkok

The capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh. It is also called the Siem Reap, which is the exact location of Angkor. The best thing is that, it’s really easy to get flight to other places like Thailand or Bangkok from here. The second option is by bus which is cheaper than flight that goes after crossing the border.

There is a very simple procedure to get the visa in Cambodia as it can be found offline from Phnom Penh airport or can be applied online too. So, it’s really easy to have a cool visit to Cambodia.

Beautiful beaches

The message in the sunrays on the beautiful beaches of Cambodia is just like a new life. The feeling which was untouched before this sun bath at Cambodian beaches comes with a spark. The one of the best thing is that, there are a lot of things at these Cambodian beaches such as hospitals, yoga practice and much more.

The Islands are something like the island of Thailand, which were exist approx twenty years back. This is really amazing to see these islands in Cambodia which are nothing but the gift of nature to this country. The Cambodian islands like Koh Rong as well as Koh rong somleom are the best islands which are perfectly matched from twenty years back island of Thailand.

People of Cambodia

The Cambodia is not a rich country. This country was very poor up to 2002. The Cambodia has amazing growth as up to 2011 from 2002, this country makes a halve ratio of poverty which is truly a great achievement. So, the expert suggests knowing about the people of this amazing country before your visit.

The ancient Angkor

The one of the best place in the Cambodia is Angkor. Each and every traveler always visits this amazing place as it is called the largest religious place at all the time which was built in ancient time. The Angkor temple is the symbol of faith and this whole city Angkor is truly traditional in all the aspects. The historical buildings are built in the 9th century to 15th century. This city has a perfectly heritage view which has the ability to get back you in a flash back in the 9th century.

The massive stones in temples with the face of Lord Buddha are truly connected with the faith of all the people of Cambodia.

Food in Cambodia

The dishes with the rice are very famous as well as delicious in this amazing country. The one of the famous dish is Khmer which is cooked with the fish amok. The taste of curries as well as fresh water fishes is very delicious here as there are the famous dishes of this country. The stew of fishes and chicken is also famous of Cambodia which is healthy and tasty.

The dishes from chicken, pork and beef are widely famous along with the rice here. The one of the best dish Kampot Pepper is truly amazing to taste that as it has the origin from the south zone of this country.

So, Cambodia is the city of wisdom, heritage, faith and beautiful nature, etc. Overall this is truly amazing to visit the Cambodia but have some precautions too.