Top Reasons to Choose a Cruise on Mekong River

Considered as the largest and most important of its kind in Indochina, there is hardly any reasons why we shouldn’t enjoy a cruise on Mekong River. Cruising on the finest Mekong River Vessels will not only guarantee you a luxurious sightseeing opportunity but also promise you an occasion to understand more about culture in Indochina. If you are still wondering, read our post of top reasons to choose a cruise on Mekong River and you will surely get some ideas.

Cruising on RV Pandaw Cruise

The Chance to Admire Nature
The whole Mekong river basin’s area is covered by forest, canals, wet rice paddies, swamp – home to many wild species – promising you one of your best natural discovery in Asia.
If you want to explore deep into the mangrove forest or tiny waterways in Mekong Delta, you can easily book the bamboo boats with the local to experience it yourself. This is also a great photographing chance when you can see rustic cinematic scene of groups of local people farming, fishing or feeding on their cattle.

A culture and customs Discovery
If cruising in Halong allows you to admire picturesque limestone landscape, a Mekong river cruise in will give you the chance to explore both nature and cultures of different countries in Indochina.
On the usual route, Mekong river cruises transfer you to many off-the-beaten-road areas deep into into the basin of the river to discover the life of local people including remote waterways in Mekong Delta’s mangrove forest, peaceful and rustic villages of Laos or immense rice paddies.

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There, you will also have chance to disembark the cruise to experience firsthand local customs of Indochina villagers, stay there for a few days, observe interesting activities.

Furthermore, you might be eager for passing by the floating markets in Vietnam to see a bustling trading scene of thousands of boats of all sizes on Mekong River.

Photo: Excursion Vietnam

Discovery unique culinary lifestyle
If you are gourmet travelers, then a cruise on Mekong River is the one for you. Indeed, the Luxury Mekong Cruises will surely serve you a wide range of impeccable foods including seafood, local specialties, tropical fruits and vegetarian’s dishes.

You will also have much more choices of food as the cruises reach one of their stopovers in Indochina. The local food in Saigon, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh will not disappoint you.

Access to local products
The cruise on Mekong River also offers you the chance to have the access of local products to remind you a memorable trip once back home.
The souvenirs are diverse thanks to different customs, culture, history and natural conditions of each regions, which allow you to choose the best gift for your beloved friends and family in your countries.
Some visitors might like to buy the special Coconut Candy in Ben Tre – Vietnam, some are interested in the Fresh tropical fruits at Cai Rang floating market, some are really into products from Silk in Cambodia, some wants to make them tasty teas from dried Bael fruits in Laos.

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