Delicious street foods that attract many tourists in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh – the capital of Cambodia famous for its ancient tourist attractions and tourist attractions. Besides, foods and snacks are also famous. Especially, Cambodian are really into eating snacks so the capital of the country has a lot of delicious street food for tourists. Below, I will review those dishes.

1. Num Pang bread

Num Pang bread
The Vietnamese diners are no stranger to Baguettes bread which is from France. However, I will introduce for foreigners this kind of bread. It is the combination of Asian and Western flavors that are popular along the streets of Phnom Penh. Num Pang is a kind of pate, butter or mayonnaise bread with some slices of papaya, carrots, pork chops and some spicy chili sauce for the perfect dish. If you have never tried this food, do not hesitate to try once when roaming to Phnom Penh. 

2, Nom Banh Chok Noodle

Nom Banh Chok Noodle
This is the food that is considered as the national dish by the Cambodians. Besides, This noodle is also enjoyed by the people of the pagoda every morning. It is made from delicious ferment rice and mixed with fish curry citronella, lemon leaves, and saffron. If you have the opportunity to visit Phnom Penh, do not forget to enjoy the hot noodle bowl next to the plate of raw vegetables, bean sprouts, cucumber and spicy hot pepper sauce.

3, Num Plae Ai

Num Plae Ai
This cute, lovely dessert is similar to Banh Troi in Vietnamese. It is made from finely grated rice flour, molded into a round and boiled. Each round of white, fragrant and soft cake will be mixed with a bowl of sweet pale caramel. On top of Num Plae Ai is fresh coconut fiber that looks extremely eye-catching. When traveling here, you do not forget to find this food to try once. 

4. Bai Sach chrouk

Bai Sach chrouk
This is a kind of grilled meat rice. At 8:30 am, the restaurants in Phnom Penh’s bustling streets are bustling because many people order Bai Sach Chrouk for breakfast. Although it is simple food, it is still great. Next to the bowl of steamed rice, is sweet and fragrant hot sliced pork which is marinated coconut milk and other spices. Besides, garlic is baked aromatically with some slices of cucumber and chili sauce. I am sure that you will be attracted to this great food for the first time. So, do not hesitate to try Bai Sach chrouk 

5, Fresh Fruits

Fresh Fruits
On the streets of Phnom Penh, there are colorful stripes of tropical fruit stalls. The aromatic pineapple, ripe papaya, the red color of the dragon fruit or watermelon, and fresh green guava has long been familiar to people of this country. When trying other foods, do not forget to eat Fresh Fruits that is useful for your health. 

6, Coconut water

Coconut water
It is a very familiar drink for Vietnamese people and also a favorite drink of Cambodian people. The people of pagoda land think that we should drink coconut daily to avoid cardiovascular diseases and help us to have beautiful skin. So, in spite of visiting Vietnam or Cambodia, I recommend that you can try coconut water for refreshment and other benefits. 

7. Stir Fried Mi Char

Stir Fried Mi Char
This is a familiar food for students in early breakfast or other times. Besides, they often gather friends after hard-working. It takes only 5 minutes, each soft noodle rolls in a hot pan with beef, fried eggs, and coriander will be presented deliciously on the plate. It is ready for customers to enjoy this delicious food. Besides, customers can add a bit of chili sauce for having a greater taste. 
8, Nam Vang Noodle with seasoned and saute’ beef
This Chinese-style noodle soup is one of the perfect breakfasts for Cambodian people. It is made from white fat noodles with sweet soup mixed with pork or beef, topped with onion slices, bean sprouts, chives, fresh shrimp mixed spicy hot chili sauce. Cambodian noodles are the food that no one can ignore when exploring the cuisine of this land.

9, Ngeav Chamboy

Ngeav Chamboy
On the stalls of street vendors in Phnom Penh, boiling pots of cockle with chili, citronella and lemon leaves exude a fascinating smell. This food is especially attracted to people at night in the cold weather. Please stop to enjoy the steamed cockle with the cold beer to feel the delicious specialty in this land. 

10. Pumpkin stuffed with eggs

Pumpkin stuffed with eggs
This is probably the strange, delicious and nutritious food of the Cambodian people. Pumpkin dropped its seeds is stuffed with a thick mixture of egg yolks, sugar, and coconut milk. After that, it is steamed for half an hour until it can be eaten. Finally, pumpkin is cut into pieces that have a yellow milk color. It looks so attractive that many people feel “hungry”.