The Experiences, That You Can Experience in Cambodia only

The Cambodia is not the huge country, but it’s a unique country, which is connected to the Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. There are so many things of faith, adventures and fun, etc. You can have the best vision of ancient time, the larger stones of temples and a nice meet with the injured elephants could be happen in Cambodia. There are some unique things, which can experience in Cambodia only.

The Experiences, That You Can Experience in Cambodia only

Two children in rural areas are helping fishing in a river near one of the sunset.

So, let’s take a visit to the unique things which can be done only in Cambodia.

The floating tents for sleeping

This is one of the peaceful experiences on the water between the jungles. The best thing is that, the better sleep on the fresh water without any disturbance can give you an amazing and memorable experience for an entire life.

Ultimate sea foods in Cambodia         

Ultimate sea foods in Cambodia         

Ultimate sea foods in Cambodia

The KEP is one of the favourite places for the seafood lovers at all the time in Cambodia. The Phnom Penh is just two hours far from this amazing city. The interesting thing is that, there are so many little but beautiful restaurants over the water in this city, where you can enjoy the best class seafood of south Asia. This is really amazing to have these all things, which can be experience in Cambodia only.

Journey by Cruise on the Mekong

This is the best experience for those peoples, who want to see the Cambodia and its villages from deep. The one of the best thing is that, you can take your whole luggage just one time in your luxury boat and just enjoy the whole Cambodia from the deck. This is really amazing and all new experience to have a luxury cruise journey on the Mekong.

The Private Island

It’s a dream of every traveller that, he wants to live on a private Island for some time. The one of the finest private Island of Asia is Song Saa, which is situated in Cambodia. The one of the best five star facilities, best quality food and luxurious accommodation are available on this Island. You can have an ultimate experience form this Island in Cambodia, which is truly amazing and unforgettable.

The best thing is that, the time of sunrises from this Island is just like a gift from the nature. These all things are truly exceptional and could be happening in the Cambodia only.

The Helicopter on the Angkor Wat

The Angkor Wat is one of the amazing place to visit in Cambodia, but the visit with the bird’s eye from the helicopter is truly an unforgettable experience at all the time. The Angkor Wat temple and Tonle Sap Lake have truly incredible view from the sky. The photos are from the sky at that moment is the experience which could have only in the Cambodia.

Dark history of Cambodia

The recent history of the Khmer Rouge is totally different from the ancient history of the Cambodia. The time was really dark at the time of S21 happened in Cambodia along with that the killing of the field was the time brutality in Cambodia. The Cambodia’s recent history will make a smile on your beautiful face as the effort of the local people is just like an immorality to Cambodia.

The Beaten track in Ratanakiri province

The place Ratanakiri is situated in the most northeast part of the Cambodia. This track is truly amazing for the travel lovers, as it has the adventure along with the hidden treasures from the nature. The green and lush grass is enough to make your mood amazing at all the time.

The Zip line over the Angkor Park

This is one of the adventurous things in the Cambodia. The zip line over the Angkor Park is the best thing to experience for all kinds of visitors. The great fun along with the strict instruction, rules and regulations for safety is truly unforgettable. The ultimate focus is necessary to make this safe and secure at all the time, but the experience by this zip line is truly amazing in Cambodia.

So, these are the things which can be experienced in Cambodia only. The best part of this country is that, it’s not quite expensive. You can enjoy so much in very cheap price in this beautiful country.