How to Fly With Toddlers (and Avoid the Tears and Scolds!)

There are a lot of tips and tricks which a parent learns along the path to raising a child. One of the more important ones regards traveling with a child. In particular, traveling with a toddler. This often leaves new parents to avoid the situation, thinking the entire experience is just too much.

However, as any parent should know, experience is key! If you have been putting on a family vacation until your toddler is a little older, below are some great tips to help you manage an enjoyable trip, now.

Get Ahead!

Instead of packing the morning of or the night before, pack your toddler’s bags two or three days in advance. Why? The additional days are the perfect time for you to use day-to-day items which you had forgotten to include in your travel bag, such as entertainment items for your little one.

Unless You Are Flying First Class…

There was once a time where people dressed up to get on a plane. Of course, even those people weren’t traveling with youngsters.

Unless you have a first class ticket, your best bet is to dress both yourself and your little one for comfort. While this likely means that neither of you will be taking any cute travel photos on your first journey, it will result in a lot less stress both on and off the plane. The Groupon Coupons page for The Children’s Place is your best bet to get comfortable clothes for your little one to travel in. Just remember – keep it comfortable.

It’s also a good idea to pack an additional set of clothes for your little one, in the event that they spill food or drink on themselves or aren’t able to make it to the bathroom in time.

I’m Bored!

Have you ever sat down in your airplane seat only to find that the entertainment screen doesn’t work? How about getting on a plane that doesn’t have any entertainment? Just as you shudder at the mere thought of such an event, so too does your toddler when you place them on a seat in a confined space.

While traditionally you would pack travel games, these can become bulky and troublesome as you transit through numerous security checkpoints. If you can, download some learning and entertainment apps onto your phone or tablet, along with some movies for them to watch.

When choosing which apps and movies to install, be sure that they will work off-line. The last thing that you want to do is get up in the air and find out that you need an internet connection to watch the movies you just downloaded!

While 3 tips aren’t going to save you from travel nightmare, these 3 can help to make your family travel adventure a positive one! So if you have been putting off visiting that luxurious island or traveling to a new country, now is the time to change the way you think and, instead of looking for reasons not to go, look for reasons to go!