Siem Reap

The colorful culture with the amazing place is the identity if the Siem Reap. There are so many things to do, to see and to learn from the Siem Reap tour at all the time. The vintage charm with the historic temples and other places is truly amazing to visit at all the time.

Let’s visit the best places in Siem Reap and its culture.

The temples of the Angkor

best of Angkor Wat tour

Angkor Wat at the sunset time

The interesting thing is that, the Angkor has the best temples in all the aspects, whether it is architectural design or the matter of faith. The Angkor is the best place for all kinds of peoples of all the time. The best view of the Angkor temples is enough to make your photo session amazing with the best designed architectural and heritage temples.

The Entry in the Angkor temples and outside view of the temples is a really great symbol of the ancient designing and best architecture with the best view of larger trees as well as vendors on the side way of roads is amazing in all the aspects.

There are so many temples of different beliefs like Buddha temple, Shiva temple and some other largest ancient temples too. This is truly amazing to see these all symbolic temples of different belief at one place in the view of heritage temples.

The Tuk-Tuk guide in Siem Reap 

Tuk Tuk Race!

Tuk Tuk Race!

The tuk-tuk is the service in the Siem Reap, which is common in the entire Cambodia. The best thing is that, there is a VIP batman tuk-tuk transportation facility, which is something like the bonus for the visitors. This is the most common transportation facility in the Cambodia, which can be heir commonly.

The Bugs eating in the old market

The Angkor night shopping is truly amazing in Siem Reap, especially at that time when the colored baskets are settled with the patterns in the night market. This could be the best experience for you at all the time.

The fishy foot massage

The one of the most pleasant experience in the Siem Reap is the fresh foot massage between the fish. This is one of the best and traditional treatments with the natural ingredients. The one of the best thing is that, this is the best natural therapy to remove the tiredness after come from visit of various temples and places.

There are a lot of shops and centers of the fishy foot massage everywhere in the Siem Reap. This is truly amazing to have this experience, which can have only in Siem Reap. This is not much expensive, as it is only $1 needed for this amazing facility in the Siem Reap.

Street and night Pub

The best drink in the pub street is the reflection of western culture, which is really incredible after the visiting of all day from various temples. The best thing is that, the music in these street pubs is mixed up with the western music, which is enough to make the environment full of enjoyable at all the time.

There are so many things to do in these street pubs such as the Red Piano playing and dinner on the side way of roads as there are a lot of restaurants in sideways with the best food offers in very economical price.

The traditional Apsara dance

The heavenly dancers are very famous to do the traditional Khmer dance in the Cambodia. If you are a street dance lover then surely, you are going to become the fan of this cultural dance. This is really amazing to have the incredible experience. This could be the best dance experience at all the time as it has uniqueness with the cultural reflection of the Cambodia.

The Khmer cooking classes

This is really amazing to learn the cooking of Royal food Khmer in the Cambodia. The best thing is that, there are so many resorts and organizations which are really good to teach the cooking for providing the best culinary experience. This is really impressive at your home after visiting the Siem Reap for your colleagues and guests with the Cambodian foods.

Do, it is truly amazing to visit the Siem Reap to get the best experience of the travelling and culture of the Cambodia.