Things to focus on Cambodia tour

There are a lot of things through which everybody should be familiar about while planning to visit the Cambodia. There are some basic things which are truly important to focus because without these few basic information, it is not easy to survive in Cambodia. In-fact, sometimes, it is impossible to reach out from your country.

The health advice

The packed water is available at all the time everywhere in the Cambodia. So, don’t ever think to drink the water, which is coming on tap because it could be the causes of water disease like problems. The one of the biggest reasons to drink the packed bottled water is that, it same at all the time, but the water from the tap is different and could be impure to drink.

Sun screen and mosquito protections

The mosquito protections should be in your first priority at the time of thinking of the Cambodia visit. The sun rays protection cream or lotion should be in your pocket or bag at all the time while visiting the Cambodia. This is the country of the Middle East, where mosquitoes and chill hot shine is common.

The second thing, which should not be forgotten, is that. Always keep some light clothes along with a jacket too. The jacket could be useful at the time of the evening or in the air-conditioner of the hotel, but the light clothes are much needed at the time of common visit of ancient places of the Cambodia and the beaches.

Long and formal dress is required in temples

The ancient temples such as Angkor are very traditional and connected to the faith of the Cambodian peoples and other Buddhist. So, it is always required to wear something full dress that should cover the entire body. The shoe is not allowed inside the temples, in-fact it is prohibited to wear the shoe inside the temple. This is really important to know as it is directly connected to the people of the Cambodia.

Photography is cheap but not allowed at certain places

The photography in certain places such as nearby military installation, inside and outside of airport and at railway stations is perfectly banned. So, never think about the photography on these spots. The photography of the tourist places is fully allowed and it is much cheaper than other country.

You can hire any expert of photography in a little amount in Cambodia. The canon film, Kodak films and multimedia cards for the DSLR are very common to buy from Cambodia. This is very good to have; all kinds of photography instruments are cheaper and easily available at all the time in the Cambodia.

The capital city Phnom Penh has few best quality photography services agencies such as SPK photography studio FUJI shop, which is able to provide the best photography in very economical price at all the time.

So, you can capture each and every moment on the Cambodia trip except few places.

A small First aid is needed

There is no officially vaccination, which is compulsory for Cambodia tour from their government or any agency, but this is highly recommendation from the experts after analysis of various things of the Cambodia. The problems like hepatitis A and B could make a big trouble in front of you and there is no proper treatment of this problem. So, always be aware and have some medicine regarding this problem.

The experts are firmly suggested to have a perfect immunization clinic right before the visit of the Cambodia as it is compulsory. There are a few problems such as Malaria, tetanus and typhoid which can make a big trouble at the time of Cambodia tour and there is no perfect treatment of these problems. So, better to have all kinds of medicine at the time of tour of Cambodia and  check your immunization tests right before the Cambodia visit.

Control on food

The healthy body will help you visit the Cambodia very well. The food list of the Cambodia is almost too heavy as it made by Chicken, rice, fish and pork. So, always keep this thing in mind that, the food should be lighter, but energetic as possible as you can especially at the time of dinner.

These are some basic things which should be in mind at the time of visit to Cambodia. There are few points which should be focused at the time of Cambodia visit planning.