Top 10 Things to Do in Cambodia

There are so many charming and amazing places in the Asia; the Cambodia is one of them. The beauty of nature and heritage look of the temples, are enough to make this incredible place. There are various places like Angkor Wat, Tonle sap lake and bamboo island arts, which are able to provide you an unforgettable experience at all the time in Cambodia.
So, let’s have a visit to do the best ten things in Cambodia.

Angkor Wat Complex

This is the most ancient and famous temple of Angkorian place, the history of this temple and faith with this place is the reason of thousands of visitors comes here at all the time. This temple is counted in one of the most ancient temples in the world. The complex has the Angkor ruin place from the distance of 3 kilometres from temple. The main thing which should be considered is that, there is no place to stay in this complex. So, the Siem Reap is the only near place to find the hotels to stay.

The silver pagoda and the Royal palace

This is the most splendid structure of the Cambodia, which was constructed in the 1866. The Royal palace is the residence of the president, but the silver pagoda is open for everybody. The silver pagoda was constructed from the wood, but in the 1962, it was purely changed by the kind with the 5329 silver tiles which is the symbol of the kingdom of Cambodia in Royal palace.

The Bayon

The giant statues of Gods constructed from the larger stones using the best architectural designing at all the time makes are enough to make this place awesome. The one of the best thing is that, this is the middle point of the Angkor Thom to increase the beauty of this place.

Ta  Prohm

The most beautiful view with a lot effects at a single time can be seen in the Ta Prohm, which is the amazing place of temples as well as the monastery. So, this place has the best class architectural designing temples in the comparison of the wisdom of Angkor.

Tonle Sap Lake

The most wonderful and clean water lake in the entire south Asia is named as the Tonle Sap Lake. The one of the most unexpected thing is that, it made its direction exactly opposite flow at the time of mason or June and October. So, it is the wonder of unique type in the entire world.

Tuol Sleng Museum

The museum has a lot of unforgettable and cruel historical stories about this brave country. The time of war was the most painful time for the Cambodia, which is impossible to forget. Those were the terrible years in this incredible country and this museum has the evidence of all those stories.

Bamboo Island

The one of the most beautiful Island is Bamboo Island. You can have the unforgettable moments on this island as it has the best facilities with the three resorts and two bars, which are enough to provide you full enjoy at all the time. This is the most amazing place at all the time in Cambodia as with all these facilities, there are only 30 peoples who lived on this ultimate Bamboo Island.

The Battambang and surrounding

This is one of the best ways to know about the French colonization and feel the time of French colonization through this place. The pattern of the buildings and roads are truly designed on the basis of French colonization. Right now, it has the best production of the rice in all the cities in Cambodia. The place is the symbol of the brevity of Cambodians at this time.

The Sihanoukville Casinos

If you are a casino lover then definitely, you are going to be missing this amazing place for casino lovers. Right now, the gamblers can be found the four different hotels there to play the game in casinos at all the time.


The Dance performance of Apsaras

It is something like traditional dance performance in the Cambodia, which is performed to make the god happy of the dance. The Jayavarman2 and Jayavarman7 had started this unique dance tradition at that time. The one of the amazing thing is that, the meaning and the steps along with the movements are completely unique in this dance performance.

So, these are the ten things which are good enough to make you full enjoy and knowledge about the Cambodia and its culture. You must do these all things to make your Cambodia trip amazing.