The Top 10 Things to Do in Phnom Penh

There are so many things to do in Phnom Penh. The place is full of heritage and eco friendly in all the aspects. The city is full of fun and faith. The building of the twelfth century and amazing cultural things of Cambodia can be seen here in Phnom Penh.

So, let’s take a visit to the best ten things in Phnom Penh.

The Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocidal Crimes

The Pol Pot’s security was attacked on the Tuol Svay Prey high school and converted this place into Security prison 21, which is also called S-21. This force was there as the ruling agency at that time and, they’ve made that place a larger centre for detent the people of this country.

Silver Pagoda 

The silver pagoda is very richest place in the Royal palace with the silver tiles of about five tons weight. The one of the best thing is that, there are more than five thousand tiles at this time too, but these all are protected with a cover. The Place is known as the Wat Palace Keo as well as the Emerald Buddha temple at this time.

The splendid visit to Royal Palace

The Royal palace is constructed with the best class roofs of Khmer. The Royal palace is the symbol of wealth and prosperity in the Phnom Penh. The best class architecture design of ancient time can be visited in Phnom Penh. The few parts of this amazing palace like Silver Pagoda are opened for public. The throne of the hall as well as a clutch of the building is also open for visitors.

Psar Thmei

This is something like the top place in building in Phnom Penh. The best thing is that, it has the reflection of Babylonian time, which is completely amazing to visit. The place is known as the central market at this time. It’s really amazing to visit this place.

The traditional dance show

 Amazing Traditional Performance in Phnom Penh

Amazing Traditional Performance in Phnom Penh

The traditions and faith are the symbol of Cambodia. The one of the famous things in culture is that, the traditional dance show in Cambodia, which is known as the Plae Pakaa. This is the most beautiful act and art by the group of people. There are total three rows in this show with their finest arts performance in a group of each. The traditional style of best dance is enough to win your heart. You should not forget your camera at the time to visit this amazing place.

K’nyay Restaurant

The one of the best experience of best hotel can be enjoyed at this place after ninety five stairs above at the boutique hotel. The best class traditional dishes with the best quality meat lunch can be enjoyed in this restaurant. The best thing is that, there are so many banana and rice dishes available in the top menu of this amazing hotel. The best class services and food can be enjoyed in this best restaurant.


The DJ’s party is very needed for the foreign visitors. There are so many things to do in Phnom Penh, but the dance on  night club, especially in DJ party is enough to make the best mood at all the time. The one of the best things about the Pontoon is that, there are a lot of things from music to act on the basis of European things, which is completely supportive for the foreign visitors to this night club. So, it could be the best option to visit the best DJ party at night.


Fried Spider Appetizer at Romdeng

Fried Spider Appetizer at Romdeng

The best class double door pool with the amazing colonial villa is exists in very economical price in Phnom Penh, which is totally amazing for luxury stay and enjoy. The best class baked-fish amok as well as tiger prawn curry etc can be enjoyed here in this hotel and villa. The best class beef and holy basil dishes are available in this hotel, but it is highly needed a daring to eat all these all things.

There are so many dishes along with the best young age staff of this hotel and restaurant is enough to make everybody’s mood at all the time.

So, these are few things which are definitely amazing to do in Phnom Penh at all the time.